RVs Wanted

We are a small, growing luxury RV rental company with over 19 years of combined experience. We are now serving a total of 13 states from our strategically selected locations and currently we have just over 23 privately owned recreational vehicles that we rent out for individuals just like you. We are always looking to add new motorhomes to our fleet and welcome the opportunity to discuss a business venture with you. As I mentioned before all of our recreational vehicles are privately owned by individuals, and maintained by our well qualified staff here at Luxurious Rentals LLC.

Our service areas cover some of the United States great vacation destinations; Florida with 2 major theme parks and 3 NASCAR races per year as well as Pennsylvania with 3 NASCAR races and 3 theme parks, New York & New Jersey, and dont forget the beautiful states of Illinois, Indiana & Ohio with lots to see and do. Your coach would be available for you whenever you would like to use it, with an advance notice for scheduling purposes of course.

Our RV rental program is not that different from that of any other, we feature a 50/50 split of the rental income on each unit in our fleet. Every vehicle rented from Luxurious must be insured either by the customers insurance or our commercial insurance policy. We authorize a substantial security deposit to deduct any miscellaneous damages from such as; a deductible, a tear in the seat, possibly a stain on the carpet, extra days and/or other items of that nature.

Responsibilities of Luxurious Rentals include advertising our company nationally in order to keep yours and every other vehicle busy, maintaining your RV to insure that it is kept in the same condition as when you gave it to us, employing a staff to obtain this level of maintenance, rent at several locations, as well as maintaining vendor relationships in order to receive timely and quality service, etc.. We understand that down time equates to no income and our experience helps us minimize those days.

The responsibilities of an owner are a little bit simpler and include; providing Luxurious with a reliable RV to participate in our rental program, commercial insurance split, normal maintenance expenses that could include items such as; batteries, wipers, tires, oil changes, etc. and normal wear and tear items that could be associated with any business vehicle. These expenses are deducted from your rental income account with Luxurious Rentals.

Did you know that if your motorhome is in a company name and the nature of that business is to rent out the RV through Luxurious Rentals then a lot of your maintenance expenses and depreciation become tax deductions? Your accountant can explain more about company vehicles and their deductions, and there is also a new equipment purchase deduction available as well under IRS Section 179. Call Robert Lemon today to discuss this tremendous business opportunity at 1-800-561-8538 and press option 4.